A Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor of World Net Daily writes:

“The letter writers who blasted Joseph Farah for his comments on Fallujah [Letters To The Editor, Wednesday, April 7] are ignorant of history and human nature. Farah is right – we should raze Fallujah and salt its fields, but one letter writer made the weak, whiney remark, “Violence begets more violence.”

Oh, yeah? When was the last time Nazis flew airplanes into our skyscrapers? When was the last time Imperial Japan attacked one of our naval bases? The United States was extremely violent with Germany and Japan, and the result was not more violence, but a deafening stillness, a decades-long peace.

We should have beaten Iraq the same way we defeated Germany. We should have destroyed their will to fight. The politically correct wars after post-World War II: French Vietnam, Algeria, American Vietnam, et al, have all been disasters.

Fallujah must be destroyed.”

Any questions? I, Smooth, have one: When did protecting one’s own become a bad thing? And when did bravery, self sacrifice and courage to complete an ugly task that needs to be done become things to avoid, if not downright shameful?

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