Letter from Sderot – Challenging US Ambassador’s praise of Israel’s restraint policy

Published in the Jerusalem Post Jan 22nd, 2007

Dear Editor,

In the January 19th interview conducted by Jerusalem Post correspondent Herb Keinon with US Ambassador Richard Jones, it was most surprising to hear Mr. Jones say that “Now you are showing restraint…Because there is a cease- fire…The fringe groups can get away with violating the cease-fire…The policy of restraint is improving your security in the long run. You really haven’t suffered that much in terms of loss of life [from the Kassams] and you have given Gaza a little breathing space…”

Does Mr. Jones not know that the Al Aksa Brigades, the military wing of the Fateh, chaired by Machmud Abbas – hardly a “fringe group” – also takes credit for the 77 missile attacks on the Western Negev SINCE the November 26th, 2005 cease fire?

Meanwhile, does Ambassador Jones not understand that there was “no loss of life” over the past two months only because these missiles accidentally missed their civilian targets?

Can Ambassador Jones please explain just how Israel’’s security is “improved” when terrorists fire missiles to terrorize Israel’’s population in the Western Negev while Israel allows its adversaries in Gaza to regroup, rearm and reorganize?

What would happen if Mexico fired 77 missiles into Western Texas or if Canada fired 77 missiles into the Pacific North West? Would any American suggest a policy of restraint? Would any American suggest a policy of restraint?

Noam Bedein
Media Liason

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