Let’s Pretend to Kill Sarah Palin

The left disgusts me.  The left has no conscience.  The left is detestable, soulless, corrupt and has no empathy for their fellow American.  Oh and I’m not done.  Please read what I have written that follows after this excellent post from RedState:

Image descriptionAsk yourself what the media and public reaction would be if this were about Barack Obama.


An artist in New York has set up an exhibit that features cardboard cutouts of Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter. It’s of Palin killing a caribou. The caribou is a three dimensional stuffed animal with its guts splattered out of it.

Here’s the catch:

People can join the ‘photo-op’ by donning a vest and gun. The artist admits in the video link that many of the visitors shoot Sarah Palin.

But that’s okay. She’s just a she, not the first black man to run for President.

That makes it all okay.

The Artist?  Her name is Dawn Robyn Petrlik. Is she an artist or is she a left-wing puke vessel?  Whatever she is, she disgusts me.   I’m a woman and for the life of me I can’t understand why women like Dawn Robyn Petrlik have such a visceral, aggressive, primitive, hateful, knee-jerk reaction towards Sarah Palin.  Maybe it’s because I am happily married, coincidentally to an artist who happens to be conservative, and I don’t find other women threatening.  Maybe it’s because artists like Dawn Robyn Petrlik are threatened by other women who choose to give birth to living children vaginally rather than dead and shredded through dilation and curettage. Women like Sarah Palin threaten feminist degenerates like Gloria Steinhem and they threaten women like Dawn Robyn Petrlik, who could not cut it in society like other women.   In an election, there are many issues to consider, but when a society indoctrinates abortion, same-sex marriage, embryonic stem-cell research, human cloning to name a few, wrong economic concerns will soon not matter, and artists like Dawn Robyn Petrlik will disintegrate into nothingness.

Dawn Robyn Petrlik says humor is sometimes the best way to deal with serious issues like images of the governor celebrating her kill. The artist says the sight bothers her and clashes with Palin’s “pro-life stance.”

The piece costs $12,500, but getting a picture taken is free.

Any woman who prefers abortion over a living, cherubic, bundle of joy is a phuck-up.  Dawn Robyn Petrlik probably believes it’s ok to suck out a baby’s brains and give birth to a dead inconvenience rather than to a joyous bundle.  Dawn Robyn Petrlik is out there campaigning for animals rights, but Dawn, doesn’t a human baby have the same rights as a moose, or a puppy or a kitten?  I’m quite sure the Palin family put that moose meat to good use whereas Dawn Robyn Petrlik, cannibal that she is, feasts on other women whose political opinions are different from hers.

Oh, and by the way, Dawn Robyn Petrlik, your artwork is hardly original as you opted for the obvious and literal rather than the subtle and metaphorical, and therefore basically you have accomplished nothing more than what a cheap gag writer would have writing for a bad sitcom.

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