Lessons of Six-Day War in Face of Ongoing Rocket Attacks

From Lessons of Six-Day War in Face of Ongoing Rocket Attacks:

The Palestinians are resorting to terrorism to attack Israel, Syria is threatening to embark on a war, hostile elements exploit southern Lebanon as a base for launching attacks on Israel – and the world condemns any Israeli attempt to defend ourselves through revenge attacks. This scenario also describes the situation Israel found itself in 40 years ago, during the process that led to the Six-Day War’s outbreak. It would be worthwhile to note lessons from the Six-Day War: Instead of rushing into battle, we should utilize the period of (relative) “restraint” in 2007 to make Israel’s case – we cannot sustain Kassam rocket attacks on a daily basis. And there is no alternative to addressing the source of the threat. In other words, we should be waiting enough time in order to strengthen, improve our just argument, and prepare to thoroughly address those who stand behind the attacks – the Palestinians and Syrians.

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