Leslie Cagan and United for Peace and Justice

Folks, I am delighted that State Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Silbermann has rejected a last-minute plea from anti-war activists who sued the city for a permit to hold a massive rally in Central Park the day before the Republican convention, saying they were too late. State Supreme Court Justice Jacqueline Silbermann ruled that United for Peace and Justice was “guilty of inexcusable and inequitable delay” in bringing the case to court after months of back-and-forth negotiations over plans for their Sunday demonstration. Now, this group, led by the genderless Leslie Cagan, sued the city last week after pulling out of a deal to hold the rally on a west Manhattan highway. The event is expected to draw 250,000 people, which the Parks Department said would ruin the park’s lawn.

Folks, Central Park is OUR great escape. It is a gorgeous getaway in this jungle of cement, asbestos dust, and Ground Zero. It is a place to fall in love, to run your dog, to toss a frisbee, to bask in sunshine, to ride a bike, to skateboard, to rollerskate, to have a picnic, to read a book, to forget about troubles; it is a place to get closer to G-d and His desire for us to know what Eden was like and what Life could be like. Yes, folks, THAT’s what Central Park is to us New Yorkers. We love it, we treasure it, and believe it or not, we keep it clean. Central Park houses wildlife, various birds of prey, horse and buggys, a riding stable, a working old fashioned carousel, the Boathouse, Tavern on the Green, Alice in Wonderland statues, a skating rink, a zoo, a bandshell, and gosh, so much more.

Now what you need to know is this: United for Peace and Justice is a communist group, and communists always expect government handouts. In fact, United for Peace and Justice expected New York City to provide their doped up members with water bottles, bathroom johnnies, and other amenities – for free. Can you believe that?

Now, as you might not know, New York City has been in an economic tailspin, and fortunately we are seeing a wondrous economic recovery. And last year, in spite of our economic difficulties, New York City spent $2,000,000 to renew our great lawn in Central Park. Here is a picture of the Lawn with a magnificent view of the West Side:

NY City residents paid for the renovation of the Great Lawn with our hard work. Yes, our hard-earned dollars, because most of us work for a living, unlike the Leslie Cagan types, who expect government handouts to get by.

As you can see, the Parks Department had a valid reason to protest this demonstration by 250,000 anarchists because 250,000 anarchists would indeed trample the Great Lawn. This is not brain surgery folks, the picture is worth a thousand words.

If Leslie Cagan is dissappointed in the Supreme Court’s decisions, and I heard her on the radio, she IS dissappointed, then I propose that the next time her group should offer to pay New York City $2,000,000 to RENT the Great Lawn. THAT would be fair. THAT amount of money would cover the costs of the salaries of the Parks Department and the Sanitation Department and the Police Department and the Fire Department’s (because I do have nightmares of some anarchist scumbag setting something on fire in the park) salaries to clean up the mess that the anarchist losers would have left behind; the condoms, the needles, the styrofoam, the food wrappers and other waste by-products.

In February 11, 2003, John Perazzo, author of “The Myths that Divide Us”, wrote the following about Leslie Cagan:

In short, Cagan candidly sides with Castro’s Communist regime rather than with

the United States, which she deems the world’s foremost terrorist nation. The Venceremos Brigades with which she proudly associated were in fact organized by Castro’s Cuban intelligence agency, which went so far as to train some “brigadistas” in guerrilla warfare techniques, including the use of arms and explosives. Cagan’s pro-Castro rallies were supported by such socialist organizations as Casa de las Americas, the Communist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the Venceremos Brigades, the Workers World Party, and the Young Socialists. Cagan herself was an original founder of the Committees of Correspondence, a splinter group rooted in the Communist Party USA. Joining the chorus of her fellow leaders in the “peace” movement, she condemns what she calls America’s “daily assaults and attacks on poor and working people, on women, people of color, lesbians/gays and other sexual minorities, the disabled and so many others, [and] such foreign policy matters as . . . military actions and economic sanctions.”

That, folks, is the accurate desription of Leslie Cagan and her communist groupies, and as John Perazzo describes them, “Their devotion to genuine peace is much like Yasser Arafat’s; they exploit the rhetoric of peace while working feverishly toward a very different agenda.Denied

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