The Left is getting what they want: Chavez, Admadinejad and Castro partying together

Drudge Report is flashing Islamic Republic News Agency reports that Ahmadinejad intends to travel to NYC, hopes to speak at UN on Sept. 19 at 7 PM; same day as Bush [whose speech is set for 11:30 AM] and day before Hugo Chavez… Both Ahmadinejad and Chavez will fly from Havana where they will see Castro… Earlier, Ahmadinejad said he was ready for debate with Bush at UN General Assembly…

Admadinejad’s pride will ultimately destroy him but until it does, this could be a bluff to let our guard down and distract us from Muslims celebrating the fifth anniversary of their intended destruction of our nation on September 11, 2001. Since Ahmadinejad’s visit is a week after the 11th, we are being led to believe that nothng will happen until then because why would Muslims blow up New York while the homicidal maniac is there on tour.

As for Ahmadinejad’s visit with Chavez and Castro, it’s clear the Left and Islam are linked at the hip. I lay entirely the blame for the implosion of the spiritual and cultural and democratic brilliance of our nation in the lap of both Muslims and Left wing Amerikans who, as a cohesive politically united front, want to bring down the United States. To what end? The Left wants abortions on demand, freedom to have sex with anything, lots of money to spend on cars and recreational drugs, and pills to cure all maladies. Islam wants to dominate so they will have as many offspring as possible, lots of money to blow up your city’s infrastructure and pills to annihilate you with in the nuclear, biological and chemical venues. Islam and the Left have a lot in common.

My wish is that Chavez, Admadinejad and Castro are on the same plane that suffers from engine problems and a couple of F-16s and surface-to-air missiles assist in bringing them down to cough-cough safety.

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