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Within this web site, Lechi, you will find the historical, legal, Biblical, governmental and military foundation of the defense of the one and only Hebrew nation in all of its Holy Land Inheritance. The Scriptures teach us who our role models should be:

PHINEHAS, the son of Eleazar, who defended the honor of God. (1 Chronicles 9:19-20)

NOAH … who stood in the midst of ridicule and disbelief and obeyed God.

JOSHUA … who faced the rebellion and wickedness of the entire Israelite camp, and drew a line to divide those who choose to obey God from the rest.

CALEB … a man with a different spirit … whose eyes never left sight of the powerful arm of God. (Numbers 13:30)

JONATHAN … a man who kept his vows, even when it cost him.

SAMUEL … a man who stayed in God’s wing, unto death.

NATHAN … who would not be silent when men disobeyed his Lord.

RUTH … who did not leave her duty, even when the time was over.

ESTHER … who did the right thing even when it meant her death.

THE WOMAN OF SHUMEN (1 Kings) … who knew the power of God in Elijah to bring her dead child back to life.
JUDAH … who sinned greatly, confessed his iniquity before his family, took responsibility upon himself.

ELEAZAR, THE WARRIOR … who held his ground in battle even when the army ran, and so the Lord gave him the victory.

When the KINGS OF ISRAEL consulted God, God provided.

JOAB as a warrior … “Be courageous and act like men to save our people and the cities of our God. And may the Lord do what is best.” (1 Chron 19:13)

ISAIAH … who warned the people to depend on God and to defend their nation by their own hands in fear of the Lord without going into political or military alignments with other nations or kings. In front of the Temple built by King Solomon were two brass pillars – one named

“Jachin” and the other “Boaz”. Jachin meant “sustainer”, Boaz meant “smiter” …

God provides for His righteous ones, and punishes His enemies.

ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB, NOAH, DAVID, SOLOMON … all first sacrificed on the Altar of God, then waited for God’s voice and instruction.

ABRAHAM interceded for Lot. MOSES interceded for the Israelites. ISAIAH interceded for the Israelites. DAVID and SOLOMON interceded for their people. Godly leaders intercede in prayer daily over their people. Godly leaders defend justice and the oppressed.

KING ABIJAH stood with God and was victorious in battle.

KING ASA had peace in Judah when he completely obeyed God, tearing down all idols in Judah, calling on God alone to defend them.

1 and 2 Chronicles demonstrate God’s order, discipline, and blessing in military affairs. (1 Chronicles 15) (2 Chronicles 16)

MICAIAH the Prophet said, “I vow by God that whatever God says is what I will say.” (2 Chron 18)

JEHOSHAPHAT: 1 and 2 Kings

JEHOSHAPHAT and KING AHAB in battle against the Syrians: God controls.

JEHU’s rebuke to Jehoshaphat for aligning with heathen King Ahab. (do not go into ungodly alignments) (do not turn to other nations for your defense)

JEHOSHAPHAT’s leadership of his officials and personally to the people (2 Chron 19) … Judges and courts … courts of final appeal … public prayers … fasting and intercession … declaring dependence on God (Irgun structure)

JEHOSHAPHAT called on the promises of God while walking in obedience to Him, humbling himself before God … encouraging people to believe.

JEHOSHAPHAT gave honor to God.

When JEHOSHAPHAT went into alignment with an “ungodly” ruler, God left him.

The coup to put Prince JOASH on the throne was achieved step by step in accordance with Scripture.

HEZEKIAH prayed in intercession for his people for God to forgive them since their hearts turned back to God. (2 Chron 30:17-19)

HEZEKIAH organized the priests and Levites, he personally provided sacrifices daily for the people at the Temple, he required the people to tithe, he publicly blessed and praised the Lord for all He had done for His People, he organized provisions for the priests and Levites, … (2 Chron 31:20) … “working very hard to do what was just and fair in the sight of the Lord, encouraging respect for the Temple, the Law, and godly living.”

EHUD who assassinated the evil King.

KING UZZIAH … gave in to pride and lost God’s favor

Folks, who are your role models?

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