Lebanon Enters a New Crisis

And it serves them right. Why? For allowing Hezbullah to hide amongst their civilian population, for hiding members of the detestable PFLP terrorist group in the Bekaa Valley responsible for airline hijackings, and carrying out suicide bomb attacks against U.S. targets in Lebanon and kidnapping and sometimes killing U.S. citizens there, and for being one of the Arab nations that attacked Israel in 1948. From Lebanon Enters a New Crisis:

Lebanon’s worst crisis since the 1975-90 civil war builds to a climax at midnight Friday, when the term of President Emile Lahoud ends. Despite weeks of French-led mediation, Lebanon’s factions appeared unlikely to reach a consensus on Lahoud’s replacement by the deadline, plunging the country into a constitutional limbo. Unlike Lebanon’s civil war, often characterized as a Christian-Muslim conflict, this crisis has mobilized the country’s Sunni and Shiite Muslim communities against each other, with Christians divided between the two camps.