Lebanese army (could have stopped Hizbolla): 70,000 vs Hezbollah: 3,500 including reserve forces

Excerpted from: Lebanese Security and the Hezbollah Anthony H. Cordesman Center for Strategic and International Studies

Working Draft, Revised: July 14, 2006


#1 The Lebanese Army

The army had an authorized strength of about 70,000 men in 2006. Its order of battle had 11 mechanized infantry brigades, a Presidential Guard Brigade, a commando/Ranger Regiment, five Special Forces regiments, an air assault regiment, and two artillery regiments.

… The army is the only element of Lebanon’s military forces with any serious potential war fighting capability against a well-organized military force. …

#2 Hezbollah Military Forces in Lebanon

– Roughly 2,500-3,500 men, heavily dependent on part-time and irregular forces. Many are now highly experienced, often well-educated forces.

– Composed of a core of around 300 guerrillas. Has deliberately cut its force over the past years to prevent infiltration and leaks.

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