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Folks, I started this blog in July of 2003 with the singular intent to create an online fact-based compendium on Israel and the 50+ year long war waged against her by Islamists, or Mohammedans as I like to call them, and other brutal Jew hating fascists.

What Islam and its adherents did on September 11, 2001, gave jihad a new urgency for the simple fact that Muslims found themselves on the defensive, which not only has led to a hardening of Muslim attitudes, which were already unevolved and coarse, but it has also furthered their goal to engage in radical offensive warfare.

The American submission, dhimmitude, to Islam is obvious to everyone. Americans tiptoe around their shrines and mosques like scared little girls. It’s disgusting.

Islamists know deep down how backward and behind the times they are and, being human, their response is to find someone to blame. Islamists are killingly envious and will try to bring down what they cannot compete with.

Although this blog is almost two years old, I have been online combatting Israel’s enemies for several years prior to this blog’s creation.

One of the things that I have learned is that I must read documents with a critical eye, especially when it had to do with the complex story of the modern Middle East. There are so many blogs, websites and news services plagued by myths, distortions and omissions about Israel and her enemies and each of these online sites all serve to paint Israel in a negative light. Therefore, I am going to list several links here, that already exist on my sidebar, for you to review. Please read them. Bookmark this post and although this list is overwhelming on first sight, take your time, and each day visit at least one. Study the contents, memorize the facts, and feel empowered by the knowledge:

Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict,

20 Facts About Israel and the Middle East,


History in a Nutshell,

Nutshell 2,

Pipeline of Hatred,

Palestine Facts,

Balfour Declaration, 1917,

As early as 1922, Arabs were apprehensive that Palestine would become ‘as Jewish as England is English.’: British White Paper, 1922,

Arabs required, again in 1939, reassurances that Palestine would not become ‘as Jewish as England is English.’: British White Paper, 1939 ,

Palestinian National Charter,

Camp David Accords, 1978,

Israel-Palestine Liberation Agreement, 1993,

The creed of the terrorist group Hamas: The Hamas Covenant,

UN Resolution 242. What does it really say? ,


Dhimmis and Dhimmitude The Status of Minorities Under Islamic Rule,

What Muslims Really Believe: Jihad Watch,

The Arroganice of Islam: Dhimmi Watch,

American Jewish Historical Society,

The Fence. The Facts. ,

The false claim of “occupied” territories ,

The Fake History of the “West Bank” and Gaza Strip,

Yes, This Is About Islam,

The Promised Land of Israel,

Arab/Nazi Connection,

Why We Support Israel,

The Arab Invasion – 1948,

The Myth of “Arab East Jerusalem”,

Was there ever a flourishing Arab society in what used to be Palestine?,

What words are contained in the Hamas Covenant? ,

Muslims who have left their faith

My blog, Smooth Stone, should serve as a comprehensive starting point for learning about Israel. I encourage you to consult these sources and a variety of other published materials on the topic, so that you can learn from other experts and get all the facts, because folks, we are at war. I urge you to read these documents.

Until we stop “battling insurgents”, fighting “foreign entities”, or “confronting the Saddam loyalists”, and get on to the real order of business of declaring that “Islam” is the enemy, we will never win this war.

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