Lab Tests Could Link Saddam’s Missing WMDs to Jordan Plot

Laboratory tests on the poison gas smuggled from Syria into Jordan by al Qaeda terrorists earlier this month could determine whether their weapons came from Iraq, intelligence expert John Loftus said Monday.

“What they captured was a poison gas that consisted of several chemicals to be mixed together,” Loftus told nationally syndicated radio host John Batchelor. “This has to be a poison gas of what they call the G-series; Sarin, Somin, Taubin and VX.”

The terrorism expert noted that, “VX is the only kind of nerve gas where the chemicals could be safely mixed together in the field.”

On Saturday, Jordanian officials announced that they had seized WMD components from the cars of the al Qaeda terror plotters, which had been intercepted just 75 miles from the Syrian border. Experts said that had the WMD plot succeeded, it could have killed 20,000.

Jordan’s King Abdullah confirmed that the al Qaeda vehicles had come from Syria,

Noted Loftus:

“Syria does not make VX nerve gas – only Saddam Hussein did. So it looks as if now that Israeli intelligence and British intelligence were right – that Syria did indeed get a hold of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction just before the war.”

Loftus said lab tests of the al Qaeda weapons would be key to establishing a link between the WMDs found in Jordan and Saddam’s missing stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

Lab Tests Could Link Saddam’s Missing WMDs to Jordan Plot

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