Kuwait opinion of Bush

By Ali Al-Baghli, Former Minister of Oil


Two hundred and twenty-six mass graveyards – proof to the brutality of Saddam Hussein and his regime – were found in Iraq. The last of these graveyards was discovered in Mosul where children were found lying on their mothers along with many pregnant women. This graveyard was Saddam’s reward for those who were against his regime. Saddam punished not only the person who opposed him but also that man’s entire family.

Nobody from the Arab world talked about Saddam’s crimes. When the Kurdish people attempted to draw the attention of the world to this cruel fact no one listened until April 3, 2004. Now the dark secret is out. Those innocent people were killed in such a brutal manner only because they were against Saddam, attacked some military patrol or killed one of the regime’s members. Those people didn’t attack any innocent people in holy places as the people of Fallujah do now.

Just imagine the people of Fallujah doing what they are doing now in the days of Saddam. The answer would have been a brutal and bloody reprisal. Fallujah would have been a dead city full of mass graves for not only its residents but also its visitors. There would have been no one even to cry for them. This mass grave would have been another on the list of Saddam. It would have been graveyard number 227.


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