The Kurds of Iraq

The commercial paid for by the Kurds of Iraq ( expresses gratitude to the U.S. for saving them from Saddam’s “clear” intent to kill them all.

Frankly, “we” encouraged them to revolt against Saddam after 1991, and then allowed Saddam to keep helicopter gunships and suppress the revolt brutally. ( Like Eisenhower encouraging the Hungarians in 1956 and then stepping aside while they were slaughtered. )

A friend of mine made me aware of the Kurds and he never understood why the Kurds are singled out not to have a homeland of their own. It’s not as if they were Jews! Kurds have their own language, culture, history ( Saladin was a Kurd ) and are identifiable in every way that prefers them over such as, for example, the palestinians who have no language of their own, no culture distinct from local Arabs, no history save what Arafat manufactured out of whole cloth and are indistinguishable from Syrians, Lebanese ( especially these since they are both Christian and Muslim ), Iraqi Arabs ( even including Christians like Tariq Aziz ), etc.

The Kurds show gratitude! This is a wonderful thing, folks, plus the Iraqi Kurds have proven that they can be democratic and can govern, and even protect, themselves.

Pass on this information, it’s important.

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