Kurds and Jews

Jews do have friends in the Middle East and we’re not as alone as we may think. Take the Kurds, for example, the largest stateless people in the world. The Kurdish affinity toward Israel is so strong, that even a former leader of the militant organization, Ansar al-Islam, an al Qaeda affliliate, likened the plight of the Kurds to that of the Jews during his deportation hearing in Norway. Rather than consider us the despised “Zionist entity” he regards Israel as the Jewish homeland. This is profound.

From Krekar draws parallels to Israel:

Former Ansar Al-Islam leader mullah Krekar compared his goal for Kurds with the establishment of the state of Israel as he testified in his trial to overturn a decision to expel him from Norway.

Before beginning his testimony the mullah kissed the Koran and said that Norwegian authorities were justified in their investigation but explained that he felt a victim of religious persecution.

“I perceive this as being due to my faith. Sixty years ago it was the Jews in this situation, 27 years ago it was the Shia Muslims. Today they all have power in their countries,” mullah Krekar said.

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