Kofi Annan must step down

Jeff Jacopy writes:

“…odds are the world won’t much care about getting to the bottom of the latest UN scandal. UN scandals rarely provoke lasting outrage. There was no global uproar when the brutal regime in Libya was chosen to chair the UN’s Human Rights Commission. Nothing happened to the UN after its troops allowed Serbs to slaughter 8,000 Muslim men and boys in the “safe haven” of Srebrenica. Sex scandals seem to erupt wherever the UN goes — the latest involves charges of rape, child abuse, and prostitution by UN personnel in the Congo — but they never cause heads to roll in Turtle Bay. Annan himself became secretary general despite his failure, when he headed the UN’s peacekeeping operations, to pay attention to warnings of genocide in Rwanda.

Why should anything be different this time? Oil-for-food may be the greatest international rip-off of modern times, it may have strengthened one of the world’s bloodiest dictators, but if history is any guide, the scandal headlines will fade from view long before the secretary general does. By week’s end, in fact, dozens of governments, including all the permanent members of the Security Council save the United States, had publicly rallied to Annan’s support. Scandal or no scandal, he will almost certainly serve out the remaining two years of his term.

Which is just as well. Annan is merely a symptom of the UN’s sickness, not the cause of it. His resignation would do nothing to reform the UN into the engine of peace and liberty its founders envisioned. Better that Annan remain in place as a symbol of UN fecklessness and failure, and a spur to those who can envision something better.

The UN is a corrupt institution, one that long ago squandered whatever moral legitimacy it had. The UN’s founding documents venerate justice and human rights, but for the past 40 years, the organization has been dominated by a bloc of states — essentially the Afro-Asian Third World — most of whose governments routinely pervert justice and violate human rights…”

And folks, although New Yorkers and others are railing against the UN’s tepid response to the war on terror, shaky relations with Israel and corrupt food-for-oil program, not to mention its stiffing the city for millions in parking tickets and taxes, we will still be host to the world’s largest roach motel, because according to this article, the UN wants to destroy Robert Moses Park – on First Ave. across 42nd St. – for an annex to house diplomats and their staffs.

Folks, it is inappropriate to reward the dysfunctional United Nations while the wounds of September 11th are still open.

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