Know your enemies department: Hamas Qassam Brigades: “don’t expect the new government to take any security action”

Out of the mouths of the murderous savages themselves. From the official website of the Hamas Ezzedeen AL-Qassam Brigades (www dot alqassam dot ps/english/?action=showdetail&fid=397). Typos, grammatical errors, and misspellings are exactly as found:

When asked about that the what you expect this resistance to comprise from the new government, Abu Obaida, the spokesman of the Qassam Brigades answered that We don’t expect the government to take any security action against resistance factions as with the case in previous governments but the government will not be involved directly in the resistance that is for the resistance factions to conduct.Our task is to resist the occupation and reply to its crimes through out the Gaza Strip and the West Bank We don’t expect the government to help us directly but we don’t expect the
government also to coordinate with occupation forces against resistance activists.Abu Obaida added that “I would expect that Palestinians as a whole are in support of resistance and trying to grow the wide between government and resistance factions is not something
accurate.”Palestinians people as a whole government, Palestinian factions, political parties are under occupation and the Palestinian people as a whole exercise their right to resist and so trying to divide government and people and factions is something that is very realistic.Regarding any action from the Qassam Brigades against the occupation forces, the Brigades will not stop its military operations as the occupation forces did not stop their aggression against the Palestinian people.

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