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Know your enemies department: EU Envoy Otte: Withdrawal is the Model for Jerusalem

The EU envoy to the Middle East, Mark Otte, said in an interview appearing this weekend that Israel’s recent uprooting of Jewish communities is a model for the rest of Samaria, Judea and Jerusalem.

“Our position regarding the West Bank and east Jerusalem is identical – they are occupied territories, and the future of Jerusalem will also be discussed in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians,” Mr. Otte told Al-Quds, a Jerusalem-based Arabic-language newspaper.

Over your dead body, Otte. It will never happen. You’ll try to wrestle it from us though, as it is prophecied. The rest of the Islamic European fascist groupies that you represent, will lead you and Europe and the rest of the world into a catastrophic war against Israel over Jerusalem because none of you can tolerate the idea that Jews are entitled to self-determination and it blisters you that Jews can survive no matter what kind of crap you throw at us. The Jewish nation, albeit scattered, has thrived and survived for thousands of years, while the rest of you have tried to annihilate us. Now we watch you mourn as you witness your great European cities and buildings disintegrate into mosques and Muslim ghettoes.

Jerusalem will ALWAYS remain the capital of Israel, the Holy Jewish nation, and we’ll all die defending her before you and your Jew hating minions ever get your dirty paws and cloven hooves on her. That’s a promise.

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