Robert Kilroy-Silk is right about the Middle East, say Arabs

Folks, Robert Kilroy-Silk who hosted a daytime chat show on BBC was immediately taken off air after he wrote in a non-BBC newspaper article in January that Arabs were “suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors.”

He apologized and the newspaper in question acknowledged that he had written “Arab governments” and this was inadvertently changed to “Arabs” as a result of an editing error. But Kilroy-Silk was rapidly sacked by the BBC nevertheless.

However, Kilroy-Silk’s remarks – as many Arab moderates who welcomed them, such as the Egyptian human-rights campaigner Ibrahim Nawar, have pointed out- were not wholly inaccurate.

Limb amputation and repression of women are enshrined in Saudi law, and suicide bombing of Israelis and Americans strongly encouraged by some in government circles.

Click here to read Ibrahim Nawar’s article.

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