Khatami Comes to National Cathedral

Via Khatami Comes to National Cathedral:

One of the most unsavory of the Iranian theocracy’s numerous human rights abuses is its persecution of non-Muslims, including Christians. Not overly concerned with religious liberty, or even the plight of fellow Christians, Washington’s National Cathedral is throwing open its doors today (Thursday) for former Iranian President and Islamic cleric Mohammad Khatami. Without any sense of irony, by him or the cathedral’s Episcopalian masters, Khatami will talk about how the three “Abrahamic faiths” can build peace in the world.

According to the National Cathedral’s website, Khatami was the “first reformist president” of Iran following the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Indeed, the website gushes, the mullah was elected with the “broad support of women and young adults” and is “credited with the promotion of the rule of law, democracy, and the inclusion of all Iranians in the political decision-making process.”

If the basis of comparison is the Ayatollah Khomeini or the various other thugs, kleptocrats, and sadistic clerics who have governed Iran since Iran’s “liberation” from the Shah, not to mention the current psychotic Iranian president, then perhaps Khatami seems halfway reasonable. But his presidency from 1997-2005 nonetheless maintained the theocratic reign of the mullahs, who then and now outlaw any real opposition, murder and imprison opponents, and suppress any religious and cultural forces not confirming to their brand of Shiite Islam.

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