Kerry, heal thyself

John Kerry, who are you going to out next? Your ex? Or maybe the intern you deny you had an affair with earlier this year? According to your campaign manager, Dick Cheney’s daughter is “fair game”, so with that strategy in place, we can count on you to out anyone as long as it suits your political ambition. And since you are making marriage an issue during your dirty bid for the presidency, we should talk about your divorce. Why did you and your wife break up? Were you having affairs? Or, is it simply that you couldn’t get more money out of your first wife, so you decided to move on to greener, richer pastures? Kerry, you claim to be compassionate. If you’re so compassionate, why don’t you donate all of your Heinz money and find a cure for Alzheimers? Or for cancer? Better yet, can you cure False Hope? Can you cure your Flip-Flopping? Can you cure your lack of integrity? Your elitism? Your skill at character assassination? Your gold-digging nature?

No, you can’t. You can’t because for 30 years you have carved out your political career by stepping on the necks of your fellow Vets and your fellow Americans. You cozied up with the enemies of America and negotiated with them while wearing an American uniform. You threw your medals over a fence because they had no meaning for you. You burned American flags and wrote books about it. Now you want to be the President of the United States, a country that you maligned while making a name for yourself. And what have you REALLY accomplished? You have amassed disgust. You have created a sea of Americans who loathe you. You have become what you and Jane Fonda have condemned all these years. You have become the American that is reviled among nations. Because it is you who is most afflicted with moral disease. And, sadly for the rest of us, there is no cure unless, with the Grace of Gd, Bush gets re-elected.

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