Kerry, the cry-baby, urges Bush to stop attack ads

Folks, John Kerry is a cry-baby. In East Hampton, NY, on Saturday night, Kerry urged President Bush to “stand up and stop” what he called personal attacks on him over his combat record in Vietnam.

Ok, Kerry, you sniveling little pissant. We’ll stop calling you a liar when your online communication guru, Zach Exley of, apologizes for comparing my President Bush to Adolph Hitler.

Shawn Macomber wrote about Zach Exley here, and excerpts from Shawn’s article appear below: (I posted this article a few months ago, if it seems familiar to you.)

Folks, John Kerry, the ultra-left, morally hideous “Democratic” nominee for the Presidency, hired a lefty pit-bull, Zach Exley, away from and has tasked him with lording over Kerry’s campaign’s online communications.

Folks, Zach Exley, a 23 year-old, is responsible for the website, which mostly made unsubstantiated claims about the Republican presidential candidate’s alleged cocaine use.

Exley steadfastly refuses to apologize for even the most vile ads posted on his watch at Exley would not repudiate the now infamous spot comparing Bush to Adolf Hitler, an ad even über-leftist Michael Moore rejected. Asked whether he understood why Republicans might find the comparison in poor taste, Exley dismissed the furor as, “typical Republican bullsh-t.”

Bush tried, and failed, to have the FEC bring a complaint against Exley. Instead, Exley received loads of favorable international press and became an instant celebrity.

Kerry’s intern, 27-year old journalist Alexandra Polier, who Kerry denies having an affair with, was also an instant celebrity, but the left-loving media has made sure that the public has forgotten about her.

Exley then organized another site,, the sole mission of which was to “question the legitimacy of a Bush presidency, due to disenfranchisement and disregard for the will of the people.”

CounterCoup is no parody site, however. Toggling through the pages one will find material more than vaguely threatening. For example, one page shows a devil on the ground, a broadsword-wielding angel preparing to behead him. The devil is labeled, “Bush Coup,” while the sword the angel sports is christened, “The Spirit of Democracy.” Another box displays a picture of a screaming, lynch mob with the caption, “Sometimes Democracy Requires More Than Voting.”

Just in case the radical content of the site has left you with any question over the political leanings of Mr. Exley, he posts a prominent link to a conspiracy theory-laden article on the World Socialist Website, declaring it a “must read.”

The integrity of John Kerry is reflected in his staff: several months ago, Exley took a two-week leave of absence from his position as Director of Special Projects at to rewire campaign software over at the Dean campaign headquarters, a move Dean’s opponents decried as unsavory at the time.

It will be interesting to see how Exley’s well-documented hate-America attitude jives with the Kerry campaigns desperate rush for the center and the crucial independent voters. In a commentary on last year, Exley urged his fellow Democrats to “reject false, jingoistic patriotism.”

Folks, if Kerry has hired Zach Exley, who urges his fellow Democrats to “reject false, jingoistic patriotism,” then you can bet Kerry also rejects patriotism.

Since when did protecting one’s country become a bad thing? And when did bravery, self sacrifice and courage to complete an ugly task that needs to be done become things to avoid, if not downright shameful?

The Exley hire, of course, also raises new questions about whether Kerry’s campaign is coordinating with, which is strictly outlawed under the current campaign finance regime. The group has already spent more than $17 million on anti-Bush ads, with plans to spend much, much more.

Kerry, the cry-baby, Urges Bush to Stop Attack Ads

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