Ken Hoop pimps for Islam

Who is Ken Hoop? He is a Jew-hater who pimps for Islam. He also sends me hate mail and has also sent hate mail to my fellow J-Blogger, Meryl Yourish. His email address is revbronco@yahoo.com. He has sent me hate mail for a couple of years now from several places, sometimes from a library in Cinncinnati, but has also sent me hate mail from Blaine Pharmaceuticals, which is in Kentucky. Today, he sent me hate mail from the Campbell County Public Library in Kentucky. Ohio and Kentucky are neighbor states, and Blaine Pharmaceuticals is very close to Cinncinnati, which is almost on Ohio’s border to Kentucky, so the little puke can easily cross from back and forth from Kentucky and then back to Cinncinnati. Clearly, the schmuck gets around, which is no surprise, because when you’re a pimp like Ken Hoop, you have to go from corner to corner and hide the bread crumbs you think you left behind. So phuck you, Ken Hoop, your mother’s a rat-whore and you’re the pus that oozed out of her syphllitic chancre.

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