Katyusha Rockets Fired from Lebanon Strike Northern Israel

Now the murderers are attacking Israel from Lebanon. Of course there is no outrage from the international community. From Katyusha Rockets Fired from Lebanon Strike Northern Israel:

Two Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon struck northern Israel on Sunday, the first since last summer’s war with Hizbullah. One rocket hit a factory and the other hit a car near Kiryat Shmona. The Lebanese LBC channel reported three rockets were fired at Israel from the village of Taibeh. The third rocket struck next to a UNIFIL base in the southern Lebanese village of Houla. An Israeli official accompanying Prime Minister Olmert on a visit to the U.S. said: “It seems that it was Palestinians, not Hizbullah.”

Oh, well then, that makes it easier to live with. Palestinians are allowed to attack Israel, because after all, Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs. The fact is that Hizbullah is going to attack Israel this coming summer. Yesterday’s attack was just a dress rehearsal.

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