Just when you thought Islamo-Nazis couldn’t go any lower

Wives and family members of soldiers fighting in Iraq have received telephone calls, believed to include death threats, from Islamo-Nazis, according to military documents seen by The Sunday Telegraph.

The phone calls have been made with increasing frequency over the past few weeks after Islamo-Nazi insurgents managed to obtain home numbers from soldiers’ mobile telephones.

The growing number of calls has led to an investigation by the Royal Military Police, which has issued a warning to all soldiers in Iraq to take great care when using mobile telephones to call home.

It is understood that the threats range from claims that a husband or son is dead or will be killed fighting in Iraq, to verbal abuse. Many of those who have received calls say that they were made by people with a poor command of English or with a Middle Eastern accent.

Too bad the US and Britain don’t comply with the proverb “all’s fair in love and war” like our enemies do. It is high time that the US and her allies firebombed the mosques killing the “insurgents” hiding within while at the same time destroy their arsenal of weapons that they also hide within their shrines. The enemy only knows barbarism. Let’s give them what they ask for.

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