Judische Selbst-hass (Jewish self-loathing)

Steven Plaut correctly illustrates in this excellent article how “Israel-bashers and anti-Semites of the Left and of the Right never tire of the delight in discovering and recruiting yet another Jew willing to serve as spokesperson for their political agendas. They are invariably convinced that if they can point to any Jew who mouths their mantras about Israeli “apartheid” and Zionist “racism”, never mind that Israel is the only Middle East country that is NOT an apartheid regime, then surely what they are saying MUST be true.”

The following misanthropes, these despicable Jews who hate their mothers and resent their fathers should – and must – be on the receiving end of your disgust and reproach.

If you get a chance, mock these Jewish derelicts. Write to them. Interrogate them. Demand of them irrefutable proof of their alleged indictment of Israel, although they won’t be able to. They are impotent men. They are dirt, embarassments, runts of the litter, and utter failures as human beings. According to Plaut,

…one particularly noisy segment of this [self-loathing Jew] phenomenon is its academic wing, consisting of expatriate Israelis with PhDs, holding teaching jobs at academic institutions outside Israel. These “academics” are generally less crude than some of the non-academic Israeli expatriate haters of Israel, people such as Gilad Atzmon (a saxophone player in Britain who stars at all the Trotskyite events there), who has called for the burning down of synagogues, or Shraga Elam, a Swiss ex-Israeli best known for writing sycophantic letters of admiration to Holocaust Denier David Irving, or Dror Feiler, a Swedish ex-Israel best known for creating “art” celebrating a Palestinian terrorist mass murderer, or the Russian-born ex-Israel who calls himself “Israel Shamir“, a deranged Holocaust denier and darling of European Neo-Nazi groups. “Shamir”, a regular on Counterpunch, is so openly pro-Nazi that even European anti-Israel activist groups repudiate him as an embarrassment to their cause.

These pig-Jews, like “Neturei Karta” are poster children for Arab Muslim terrorists. By the way, if anyone ever wondered where the pseudo-Judaic pagan cult “Neturei Karta”, the pro-terror cheerleaders of Arafat and Arab Muslim terrorists, get their money, click here.

Those Jews who provide aid and comfort to madmen bent on Jewicide demonstrate that they have no place in the great gift of Torah. Oh, and Ron Kuby, you would also most certainly benefit by reading this book.

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