Judische Selbst-hass: Jewish self-hatred

Folks, “Neturei Karta” is an anti-Zionist organization within the Orthodox Jewish community. Neturei Karta is the poster child for Arab Muslim terrorists. The New York-based movement of Neturei Karta believes that only the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and removal of Israel would bring peace to the Middle East. From IslamOnline.net:

Rabbi Yisrael David Weiss, spokesman of the New York-based Jewish Neturei Karta movement, who is currently on a visit to Paris, expressed solidarity of the Neturei Karta movement, which rejects the creation of the state of Israel, with the Palestinian people against Zionist attempts to pull down Islamic holy sites in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“Zionism, sponsored by Israel, is not an equivalent to Judaism nor represents the Jews,” Weiss said.

“Zionism has always proved an obstacle to co-existence between the Arabs and Jews.

“True Judaism urges its followers to show respect to all peoples and the time is now ripe for the Jews to abandon Zionism and its long bloody history,” the Jewish rabbi said.

The Jewish rabbi repeated his group’s call for the removal of the Jewish state and the setting up of an independent Palestinian state, arguing that was the only guarantee for establishing peace in the Middle East.

Weiss also paid tribute to late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat for efforts to regain the legitimate Palestinian rights.

“Arafat was not just a political leader of the Palestinian people but a symbol for all peoples struggling for national liberation,” he said.

“He (Arafat) championed the Palestinian struggle in the battle against the colonialist conspiracy of Zionism which targets, not only Arab and Muslims, but also Judaism.”

Weiss had even visited the mass murderer Arafat in November, 2004, during his treatment at the French military hospital of Percy.

Thank you “rabbi”, for backstabbing your fellow Jews and for giving us a perfect example of Chillul Hashem (Desecration of the divine name).

If anyone ever wondered where the pseudo-Judaic pagan cult “Neturei Karta”, the pro-terror cheerleaders of Arafat and Arab Muslim terrorists, get their money, click here.

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