Judeo-Christian Alliance – Letter to Rev. John H. Thomas

Folks, Dexter Van Zile is the Christian Outreach Director of the David Project Center for Jewish Leadership and has written a letter to Rev. John H. Thomas who is the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ.

The United Church of Christ (UCC) endorses a boycott of companies with ties to the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel.

The UCC’s divestment resolution specifies exactly what Israel’s final border must look like and what Israel must give up, including Judaism’s two most holy sites. It would seem beyond the bounds of decency for a Christian church to demand that the Jewish state cede sovereignty over its sacred places. One factor that could help would be for mainline Protestant churches to speak out against Palestinian Muslims for tormenting and expelling Palestinian Christians.

In Dexter Van Zile’s letter, which can be linked here, Judeo-Christian Alliance – Letter to Rev. John H. Thomas, you will read his noble defense of Israel and his explanation of why the UCC is making a dangerous decision.

If you’ve got a chip on your shoulder about evangelical Christians, now’s a good time to get rid of it. Dexter Van Zile and other Christians like him are good friends to Israel.

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