Know Your Enemy: Juan Cole Peddles Hamas Propaganda

More crap from the palestiniast Juan Cole. From Front Page Magazine:

When it comes to off-the-wall commentary on the Middle East conflict, University of Michigan history professor Juan Cole is the gift that keeps on giving. If there’s anti-Israel propaganda to be found, one can be sure Cole will be peddling it at his ironically named blog, Informed Comment. His labeling of Gaza in September, 2007 as “the worst outcome of Western colonialism anywhere in the world outside the Belgian Congo” is a case in point.

As noted by Noah Pollack at Contentions, Cole’s latest blog ramblings ratchet up the hysteria another notch. Not content with alleging persecution of the self-defeating Palestinians, Cole has now decided to crown them with the martyrdom of slavery.

But Cole’s feverish imaginings don’t end there. In a later blog post, he waxes poetic about:

The humanitarian impact of Israel’s electricity blockade of the Gaza Strip. Raw sewage in the streets, which will soon seep into houses; asthmatics choking; hospitals on the verge of switching off life support.

So, on top of “atrocities,” “war crimes, and “slavery,” Israel now stands accused of killing asthmatics and newborns? Will the madness never end? Not if Middle East studies “experts” such as Juan Cole have anything to say about it.

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