Jordanian Ambassador Rejects Jewish Claim to Temple Mount

From Jordanian Ambassador Rejects Jewish Claim to Temple Mount:

Last Monday, Jordan’s Ambassador to Israel, Dr. Marouf Bakhit, called a hasty meeting with Israeli Foreign Ministry officials to declare his country’s outrage over the “provocative act” of a group of Jews who had the audacity to go up to the Temple Mount in commemoration of Jerusalem Day. The very next day, the suave, urbane Ambassador Bakhit told a group of diplomats and journalists at a Jerusalem think tank that there is absolutely no proof that the Temple ever stood at the spot, now occupied by the Muslim shrine known as the Dome of the Rock. The entire episode may be viewed as part of the ongoing Arab strategy to delegitimize Jewish claims to holy sites and by extension to Jerusalem itself.

Folks, the Muslims claim that either the Temple Mount or Jerusalem is holy to Islam is false based upon irrefutable historical evidence. Read this and this to learn why the Moslem claim to Jerusalem is false and is therefore the greatest lie ever told about Jerusalem.

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