Jordan bans anti-Semitic TV miniseries

Well, well, well, whaddya know. The Jordanian government has ordered Al-Mamdouh, a new private Jordanian TV channel, to take the anti-Semitic miniseries, Al-Shatat, off the air a week before it completed its run.

The Jordanian government probably realized that Jordanians, of course, are the real Palestinian Arabs. Over 70% of the 2.8 million population of the kingdom are Palestinian Arabs. The Arabs of Jordan are exactly the same people as the Arabs living in the “West Bank” — as alike as Americans from Iowa and from Wisconsin. There is no difference between them in language, ethnicity or social customs.

Before the Six Day war, the concept of a second Palestinian state located in the “West Bank” had never occurred to anybody. Because the Palestinians, whose national identity is acknowledged by the Israelis, do have a country. It’s Jordan.

Over 2 million Palestinians live in Jordan, and only 800,000 in the territories administered by Israel.

Do they need another country? Of course not! The Hungarians living in Rumania don’t have another country; neither do the Turks living in Bulgaria, nor do the Swedes living in Finland. Then why should the Jordanians/Palestinians living in the territories administered by Israel have another country, since they have a country of their own right next door?

It makes no difference what King Hussein says. Jordan is and always has been Palestine. His saying “it ain’t so” does not change that at all.

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