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Join the resistance

In the years since the September 11th terror attacks a growing movement of grassroots organizations has formed to fight against the Jihad. A Jihad which is being fought against the West on many levels. Yet in the years since 9-11 the movement against the Islamic Jihad has lacked cohesion and communication. That is until now. Many have begun to call the many groups that make up the growing movement against Jihad the Resistance. The UAC is proud to host a wonderful resource and networking website that lists the many groups involved in what is now known, and shall forever be known in the future, as the Anti-Jihad Resistance. http://www.AntiJihadResistance.comJoin one or all of the groups involved in the Resistance. Network, communicate, educate, and spread the word of our efforts. If we are to protect the West, we must all work together.

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