John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Moore and : The Weapons of Man’s Destruction

John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Moore and : The Weapons of Man’s Destruction.

Heaven help us.

John “Fonda” Kerry flip flopped again and stated that he will accept the nomination at the Democratic presidential convention in July.

Al Gore comes as close to traitorous as one has ever seen in his anti-American rant at the sponsored speech held at NYU yesterday. John Kerry, the ultra-left, morally hideous “Democrat” hired the lefty pit-bull, Zach Exley, away from and tasked him with lording over the campaign’s online communications. So, in essence Al Gore was John Kerry’s puppet yesterday, and said everything that John Kerry was too afraid to say. Kerry knew that if he himself expressed those same sentiments, it would have cost him votes in November.

By the way,’s most recent ad shows the Statue of Liberty wearing a hijab head scarf.

Here’s the gory Gore video feed. I warn you, if you suffer from high blood pressure, please refrain from watching. Actually, Al Gore looks so bloated, it looks like he’ll pop a blood vessel just like that whale, Michael Moore. I suppose when one feeds one’s self on a diet of Hate America, you are what you eat.

Here’s the feeble GOP response. C’mon GOP, we’re waiting for a rally. Is this the best you can do?.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh’s powerhouse response to Al Gore’s treachery. Aaaah, like a good cigar.

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