John Edwards aka Senator “Gone”

Folks, Dick Cheney is destroying John Edwards this evening. He’s creaming the ambulance chaser. John Edwards is a lawyer and his expertise is to sue doctors, especially obstetricians and gynecologists so that they lose their licenses. John Edwards is single-handedly responsible for putting men out of work. Ambulance chasers sue men, then they pocket the exorbitent fee for their “services”, then they play golf. Or, like John Kerry, they go windsurfing. Sometimes, they’ll show up for intelligence report briefings, which is a good thing to do during wartime. But, if they’re like John Kerry, they won’t show up.

Gee, I wonder what John Kerry is doing right now. Is he getting a manicure? Or is he learning sleight-of-hand origami?

Oh, and the Senator “Gone” reference? John Edwards own hometown calls him that, because he hardly ever shows up in the Senate for meetings or to vote.

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