Joan Peters to make rare appearance

Joan Peters, author of the best-selling, critically acclaimed history of the Arab-Jewish conflict over the region of Palestine, “From Time Immemorial,” is confirmed as a presenter at News Expo 2007. Peters’ book struck the world like an earthquake when it was first published in 1984 – shattering many of the myths and misconceptions involving the origins of the Mideast debate.

Based on seven years of meticulous research and fearless reporting, Peters documented the complex history of the region and in so doing deftly and authoritatively contradicted common misperceptions about the role and strategy of each side of the struggle. According to Peters, part of the problem in getting the truth out about the Mideast are the restrictions the Arab powers – and more recently the Palestinian Authority – placed on the media.

Peters shows how the Arab leaders have intentionally perpetuated the “refugee problem” to strengthen their hand against Israel – to create a scapegoat so that their own people do not recognize who their real oppressor is.

Despite the fact that the book continues to sell 23 years after it was first published, despite the critical acclaim it received and despite the controversy it prompted, Peters has avoided the limelight and makes few public appearances.

“We’re very excited about the appearance of Joan Peters,” said Joseph Farah, director of News Expo 2007. “This presentation alone will make News Expo a spectacular, one-of-a-kind, can’t-miss event. But it’s only the beginning of a star-studded lineup of provocative newsmakers and newsbreakers.”

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