Jihad’s Target: Women

This article is eye-opening. An excerpt via Frontpage:

The Islamist “Doctor’s Plot” in the UK was fiendish, but one particularly horrific aspect of it has received insufficient attention: it was specifically aimed at women. Buried deep in the New York Times article on the subject was this fact: The Tiger Tiger nightclub in London was targeted in part because last Thursday was “ladies night.” (Christopher Hitchens, writing in Slate, is among the few so far who focused on this fact.) Nor is it the first time that Islamists have directly targeted women. British security expert Sajjan M. Gohel remembers a 2004 conspiracy in which “British-born bombers said they wanted to attract women at a nightclub, whom they viewed as promiscuous, in conversations monitored by the police.” When will western progressives, especially feminists, “get” that Muslim terrorists hate women –especially infidel women who are intellectually or sexually independent and whose independence taunts, tempts, and enrages them?