Jihad Watch: CNN reporter admits: I transmitted Hizballah propaganda

From a forum thread on Jihad Watch: CNN reporter admits: I transmitted Hizballah propaganda:

“Second (and I love this), there was a story on CNBC around mid-day. CNBC is a full time stock-market channel. The reporters are basically cynical and don’t care much whether Israel smashes the hell out of Hezbollah, as long as the reporters get a good fix on the direction of oil prices and Teva Pharmaceuticals, Inc., doen’t take a big hit (it’s down only about five percent). The clincher was a great report (I missed the name of the reporter), who showed the destruction of the BANKS that have been identified by the Mossad as funding Hezbollah. Hezbollah operatives are short of funds, now. There were eight bank branches in eight towns, and all were obliterated by precision bombs from F-16s. Another major bank source in Beirut was demolished, also. Then to top it off, there was a bank (the Arab-African Bank) in Beirut that had advertised on television for contributions to Hezbollah. The reporter called it up and asked where to make contributions in the United States. She (the reporter) was told that the bank has a correspondent relationship with Wachovia Bank, and that they would accept contributions, but warned the reporter not to say the money was for Hezbollah. CNBC notified Wachovia bank, which cancelled the relationship, or so it was reported. And the cherry on top: The Arab-African Bank was left standing, but the bank manager’s house was blown up instead.”

Well, it’s some good news, anyway. And that about does it for me, and I hope the rest of you, for Wachovia Bank. Correspondent, schmorespondent. As far as I see it, if you do ANY damn business with an Arab bank, you’re an accomplice to murder.

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