Jews are murdered once again by palestinian muslims

There has been yet another deadly shooting attack near the entrance to the Jewish communities of Gaza, Israel. Around midnight Saturday, two Palestinian terrorists opened fire on a group of cars leaving Gaza.

Grandparents Dov Kol, 58, and his wife, Rachel Kol, 53, were shot dead. Five others were wounded in the attack.

Not a day goes by when a palestinian doesn’t try to kill a Jew. I have to say that Arafat, that mouldering dirty stinking piece of rotting pig-flesh, trained his minions well.

Someone tell me why a Jew has to die every day, in the name of Islam. Go on, please explain it to me. Why do muslims have the compulsion to kill Jews each chance they get?

Now let’s look at the calendar. The “disengagement” date is August 15, 2005, which refers to the calendar date when 10,000 Jews will be deported from their homeland Israel, in order to appease palestinian muslim murderers.

The deportation of 10,000 Jews is just three weeks away.

The official palestinian media has hailed this latest attack as a “holy martyrdom operation”. Palestinian murderers would call sewer runoff holy, if it helped their murderous agenda advance.

The fact that palestinian muslims are killing Jews with impugnity with just three weeks to go before palestinian murderers and their families are rewarded with land which they never had any legitimate claim to, just proves how indignant and dangerous Islam really is.

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