A Jewish pro-palestinian pays a visit

We’ve been getting some visits and emails from some Jewish pro-palestinian trolls, including one miserable wretch in particular who wrote us three times, each time threatening us with libel. Of course she had no case, but that’s what pro-palestinians like to do; shut down and silence their opponents.

Well, folks, the good news is we’re here to stay, and Smooth Stone is going nowhere unless WE say so. We won’t be dicked around by some little misanthrope from Europe.

So, to those terrorist-loving, self-loathing Jewish trolls out there, and you know who you are, who remain delusional about the culpability of the arab / palestinian / islamist agenda and their crimes against Israel and civilization, here again are the facts for you to choke on:

Show us where it is part of Halacha for a Jew to dedicate the bulk of her time to demonizing the Jewish collective, to defend palestinian terrorists, and to ensure that Jews are not cooperatively empowered, as you have done?

You’ve made it clear in your posts that you don’t think Jews collectively belong at the world’s table of nations unless its on everyone else’s terms first.

Is it Halacha to tell Jews to always take a backseat to other people’s needs/desires, regardless of a whole host of negative consequences?

Oh sure, it’s easy to capitulate to the whims of a majority, but any true civil rights advocate would work to foster tolerance of a minority by understanding how Jews, Berbers, Copts, Maronites, Assyrians, Kurds, etc. have all been disenfranchised specifically due to the concept that the Middle East is only “Arab land.”

What do you think would have happened when Jews started to return to repopulate Israel, if the Arabs opened up their arms?

If your answer is, ‘Yes, I think things would have been better’, then you just proved that it was not Zionism that caused the crisis in Israel, but Arab reaction to it.

All people – including Jews – deserve to have their lives safeguarded, even those wrongly accused by people like you, of being outsiders. Being called an outsider doesn’t make it so. Too bad you missed the lesson where it is wrong to capitulate to xenophobia.

Bottom line is that you are not interested in making the lives of palestinians better as long as you advocate a transfer of power to Arafat’s unaccountable, merciless mafia, or Yassin’s intolerant Islamist world outlook.

Tell us one thing that anti-Zionism has ever done that benefits either palestinians or the world at large.

My dear, you’ve dedicated your life to a pathetically failed social enterprise; at least show us where anti-Zionism has been a success somewhere rather than a complete failure for all involved.

Looking at the condition of the palestinian territories, thanks to anti-Zionist warmongering, you already have lost on the social, political, and economic fronts, and yet you and your cronies continue to try to come up with some rationalization for your flunky social policies.

Until you do so, don’t expect anyone to believe that you are interested in a humanitarian principle or social enlightenment. Rather, your interests lie only in facilitating a palestinian powergrab, even though the evidence is quite clear that it would make the lives of people worse, not better. It’s always easier to be against something than for something.

You’re not an advocate for liberty, freedom, or social justice as long as you wave the destructive, failed anti-Zionist banner.

The proof is clear — you advocate a terrorist policy and a terrorist state that will result in the absolute liquidation of your people, the Jew’s patrimony, such as the now destroyed Joseph’s Tomb, our Holy Temple, and the innumerable artifacts unearthed and destroyed by the criminal Waqf, in their attempt to obliterate any evidence that Jews were the original “occupiers” of Jerusalem.

To you, power is an end in and of itself, not a means to achieve a better life, which is the case with Zionism.

You have entrenched yourself with the enemies of Jews, built upon destructive anti-Zionist politics that are destructive in totality offering nothing constructive whatsoever, not for palestinians, not for Jews, and not for the world-at-large.

Why? Where did your parents go wrong?

Obviously, you must admit that you haven’t thought your position through clearly, which is sad considering you’ve dedicated your adult life to it.

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