Jewish Legal Rights and Title to the Land of Israel and Palestine

Jewish Legal Rights and Title to the Land of Israel and Palestine

Howard Grief

The Arab terrorist war being waged today against the Jewish people within the heart of the Land of Israel is based upon a gigantic and universal myth that has never been properly refuted. This myth contends that the so-called “Palestinians”, a fictitious Gentile nation that has no recorded annals in world history, are “resisting” the “occupation” of “their land” by the State of Israel and the Jewish people. This pernicious myth re-surfaces in every debate, article and diplomatic initiative on how best to make an unnecessary peace with the transplanted Arabs, intruders into the Jewish National Home, who principally inhabit the regions of Judea, Samaria and Gaza which they falsely claim to be their ancient homeland.

This myth has gained wide acceptance because most people living today know very little about the true international law that developed during and after World War I. Under that law, the Jewish people, and definitely not any Arab entity or nation, were granted exclusive legal rights of sovereignty and title over all of the territory that was governed by the provisions of the Mandate for Palestine to establish the Jewish National Home, which  was synonymously called by the name of Palestine.

Ever since the San Remo Decision of April 25, 1920, Jewish legal rights and title to the entire territory of Palestine have never been legally altered and so those rights still remain intact even today, despite numerous illegal maneuvers over the years, to compromise or scuttle them altogether, first by the British Mandatory Power during the whole Mandate period and much more recently by the government of Israel which conducted the illegal and ill-conceived “Oslo peace process”.

To restore those rights to their fullest extent as originally envisaged under international law, the writer proposes a series of steps that must be taken to end, once and for all, rival Arab claims to the Jewish country, which are based on nothing but falsehoods, fabrications and imaginary