Jewish Extemist Hoax

From the Voice of Judea:



Freshly pasted posters were recently spotted in Jerusalem today, on billboards outside of the Schneller Army Base, carrying the following message:


“The Fast of Tisha BAv has been canceled, now that Jewish ‘extremists’ have succeeded in demolishing the Dome of The Rock. Tractors are making there way through the Old City to begin clearing the rubble and rebuilding the Holy Temple.”

Voice of Judea Commentary:

The posters which have been ripped down almost as quickly as they were pasted up can teach us much about ourselves and our present situation. This poster is a hoax, but then we are the ones living the big lie. We sit on the floor, spreading ashes on our heads and mourning over the greatest tragedy in Jewish history – the destruction of the Holy Temple. In the meantime our ministers and leaders warn of their greatest fears – “right wing fanatic extremists will damage the mosques on the Temple Mount and cause WWIII”. Their fears are unbased for too many reasons to list. No right-wingers are plotting any such attack, and no world war would be ignited by Jews asserting their sovereignty on their holiest site. And if such a war would begin, it would be no different than Jews defending their right to live in any other part of Israel. Nobody ever said that it would be easy to come home and rebuild a national homeland. If we have no right to our holiest site than we have no right to the pubs and cafe’s in Tel Aviv either.

The rhetoric and nonsense spewed by our so called leaders is no better than reading this hoax on a ficticious poster. However, the brilliant poster caused me and others passing by to pause and to stand in confusion, asking ourselves, “Hmm are we mourning about the destruction of the Temple? What are we doing to liberate the mount ? Are the “fanatics” who Minister HaNegbi warns us about the real problem? If the greatest tragedy on the Jewish calendar is in fact the destruction of the Temple, then

why would we mourn the destruction of the mosques that have usurped the Beit HaMikdash?

Every Jewish child is taught that we must pray for the restoration of the Temple in Jerusalem. That which every child is taught to yearn for appears to be Israel’s leaders greatest nightmare.

The majority of affiliated Jewry mourn the destruction of our Holy Temple and cry out not only for the restoration of the Bet HaMikdash but for the return of justice and true judges to the land and for the installation of true Jewish leaders who are loyal to the aspirations and hopes of every Jewish child and loyal to the G-d of Israel. HaNegbi, the Minister of Internal Security seeks headlines as he leads a ficticious campaign to quash invisible Jewish terrorism. Ironically, he is son of Geula Cohen,

former member of the militant Lehi underground organization of the 1940’s.

Speaking of irony and oxymorons – Hanegbi Minister of Internal Security or Internal Insecurity? HaNegbi lives in fear of the Mosques being destroyed. For him there could be no greater tragedy. As we usher in Tisha BAAv, the faithful Jews will be mourning for the very opposite reason indeed. But let us not blame our leaders alone for disregarding the aspirations of the majority of Jews. For the Midrash in Tehillim explains that thousands of Jews died in a plague during the era of King David’s rule because the Temple remained unbuilt. And the Midrash asks, then, why did the nation suffer, and not King David himself? The answer given is that the people should have done more to rebuild the Temple, in spite of their leader.

So let us not simply mourn the destruction of the Temple and then go home, justifying our apathy. Let us not simply blame our foolish, timid, myopic leaders and justify our own inaction. Let us think about the hoax on the poster and the big lie that we all continue to live.

Just in case the Minister of Insecurity is reading this and is a bit confused, don’t worry Mr. HaNegbi, the poster is a hoax, the mosques are still on the Temple Mount, there is no construction of the Temple underway just yet. Don’t worry we can still enjoy a merry fast and go hang out at the kotel this Tisha BAAv.

May we all rejoice in the rebuilding of the Holy Temple speedily in our days, in spite of the great agony and pain that this future reality might bring to the hearts of a billion Muslims as well as to some of our more moronic Jewish leaders.

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