Jewish cemetery desecrated in France

Folks, scores of tombstones were overturned in the Jewish cemetery at Sarreguemines in the eastern French region of Moselle, a police chief said on Wednesday.

The profanation, in which about 65 of the 500 graves in the cemetery were knocked down and piled on top of one another, occurred between Sunday and Tuesday and was discovered by a municipal employee. The cover was lifted entirely off one of the graves.

In addition, a swastika was carved at the entrance to a Christian cemetery nearby, police said.

Folks, this profanation occured in France.

It is vile that in France, they burn synagogues, terrorize Jews, and profane Jewish cemeteries.

Folks, this is the same France which gave us ballet and stinking cheese. The same France which endorsed a 1982 UN Resolution affirming the legitimacy of using “all available means, including armed struggle” against Israel’s “occupation of Arab lands” on April 15, 2002. The same vile France which excreted the devasting Dreyfus Affair. This is the same France which voted on a resolution condemning the “excessive use of force” by Israel against Palestinian civilians. The same France, which along with England, carved up the Ottoman Empire, with England retaining what are now Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Iraq, and France being in possession of what are now Syria and Lebanon.

The same France which expelled Jews from 1306 and again in 1394.

This is the France that you all flock to; the “Paris” you dream of for your romantic getaways. Meanwhile, folks, it was in France that King Philip le Bel sanctioned the murder of the Knights Templars who protected Christian pilgrims from the Muslim murderers who slaughtered all the non-Muslim infidels on their way to and from Jerusalem.

Go on, folks, plan your next trip to France, the same France that murdered 90,000 Jews in 1939 thru 1945.

Folks, this is the same France who had a presidential candidate who made oven jokes, a Foreign Minister who believes in the international Jewish conspiracy, and a Number One bestseller which claims the plane that crashed into the Pentagon never existed.

That’s right, folks, the ‘Ugly European’ just got uglier.

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