Jewish cemetery at Auschwitz vandalized

Jewish cemetery at Auschwitz vandalized

I found this vile news item on Yaeli’s site, World Watching.

“Vandals wrecked sixteen tombstones at the Jewish cemetery at Auschwitz, the local Jewish cultural center said on Wednesday. Days before, someone painted two large swastikas on the cemetery’s wall, which municipal police quickly removed, the center told Reuters news agency.”


Don’t Jew haters have lives to live? Don’t Jew haters have jobs? Is the highlight of a day in a wretched Jew hater’s pitiful life simply to go to a hardware shop in order to buy a flammable paint can and proceed to a dreary gloomy cemetary simply to spray headstones? Don’t Jew haters want to be home with their wives for a warm meal and some love? Don’t Jew haters have children to read to, or who need help with their schoolwork? Don’t Jew haters have parents who need someone to visit in order to ease their loneliness? Don’t Jew haters have any sense of self-worth? Or, are all Jew haters consumed with envy?

Pity the Jew hater. The real truth is that they no longer have any idea where their very sustenance, freedom, and leisure arise. Jew haters in Europe are safe because hundreds of thousands of Americans joined the armed forces, put out their fires, and arrested Nazism from further infecting their neighborhoods.

And so – the Jew hater remains guilty and pitied, stuck in their father’s Europe; a lower-class of human. And the Jew hater will always suffer from simple naiveté and stupidity. Jew haters will always be an unfortunate group of utopians promoting spray can solutions to problems that without proper education, will continue to infect their neighborhoods and their countries. And perhaps next time, the United States will stay safely away, separated by 4000 miles of ocean, participating in Europe’s struggle for freedom, by simply reading about it on the web.

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