Jerusalem’s Future according to Islam

From Israel Today:

Those who don’t know the Bible are easily taken in by the teachings of the Koran (Islam’s “holy” book) and its hadith legends (traditions relating to Mohammed), as they have nothing to compare it with. They don’t realize that the Koran was written more than 1,500 years after the Old Testament and 600 years after the New Testament, and that it is full of historical errors. According to the Koran, Moses’ sister Miriam is the mother of Jesus, although in reality they were 1,300 years apart! It also identifies the Persian anti-Semite Haman, from the Book of Esther, as one of Pharaoh’s ministers. Along with Judaism and Christianity, Islam is regarded as one of the “three great monotheistic religions.” But Allah is not the One God. He is one of 364 tribal gods worshipped by desert nomads in ancient times. Once Mohammed’s tribe had defeated the other desert tribes, he elevated his god over all the others, and cried out, “Allah hu-akbar!” (Allah is greater). So it’s no surprise that Islam has a completely erroneous perspective on the future of Jerusalem, from which today’s Moslems derive their political claim to the city. Spurred by the bitter conflict with Israel, Islamic teachings on the apocalypse are exerting increasing influence on the political thought of Moslems, particularly among Palestinian and Hamas terrorists. This is why it’s important to know what they’re being taught. These Koranic teachings and hadith legends, which more and more Moslems are coming to believe in, explain why Jerusalem is indispensable for them, and why they’re even prepared to die for it as suicide bombers. It’s a pity that so many Christians don’t take this threat seriously because ultimately the holy war is directed not only against the Jews and Jerusalem, but against all non-Moslems. More in israel today from October 2005Read between the Lines: This inscription on the palestinian flag below reads ‘On Saturday we kill the Jews, and on Sunday the Christians’

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