Jerusalem Remembers Pre-State Underground Fighters

The Jerusalem Municipality has finally completed a project that began more than 15 years ago to mark the activities of the pre-State underground fighters in what was to become Israel’s capital city. The last 16 of a series of memorial signs immortalizing the fighters of the pre-State underground movements – the Haganah, Etzel (the Irgun) and Lechi – during the War of Independence were placed in various sites around the Jerusalem this week.

The genesis of the municipality’s project to commemorate the pre-State underground in Jerusalem began at the end of the 1980s, in collaboration with veterans of the underground groups. Over the course of the next decade, the 1990s, seven signs were putup in honor of the Haganah fighters, six in honor of Etzel and four in honor of Lechi.

The project was suspended for some time since 1997, until this week, when the final 16 signs went up around the capital.

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