Jerusalem Chareidim Say “No” to Arab Cab Drivers

This is an excellent move. The US should do the same; in return for Arabs extorting Americans with exorbitent oil prices, Americans should in turn charge a tremendous price for our exports of wheat, oat and grains that we pump into Muslim countries. Let them starve. From YeshivaWorld:

Yerushalayim’ s chareidi community has stepped up efforts to avoid giving a livelihood of Arabs, posting signs around the city calling on travelers to avoid taking Arab-driven cabs. They are also calling on chareidim to avoid using taxis from companies employing Arab drivers.Similar calls are being heard in Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva following the March terror attack, Ladaat reports.It appears following last week’s bulldozer terror attack in Yerushalayim, the chareidi community is renewing efforts to avoid giving work to Arabs, a momentum that began in force following the attack in Merkaz HaRav which claimed the lives of eight students.

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