Jerusalem Bus Blast Kills Seven and Maims at Least 59

Jerusalem Bus Blast Kills Seven

An Islamist homicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded Jerusalem bus Sunday morning, killing seven people and wounding 59 in another attack by homicidal sub humans.

May the “Palestinian” only know civil war and strife.

May the “Palestinian” people in the land stolen from Israel only fight with each other in unholiness.

May the people and the fake nation of “Palestine” become barren.

May the red, black and green “Palestinian” flag wave tattered and shrapnel-torn, blood-splattered and ripped.

May the “Palestinian” rise up against “Palestinian” in punishment for their ungodly, homicidal culture, their thievery, anarchy, mutiny and unholiness they have waged on the innocent and legitimate nation of Israel.

May all these things be the gist and substance, core and essence of the kleptocracy and homicidal “Palestinian” nation and may the “Palestinian” nation remain a decomposing stillborn.


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