Jenny Tonge, British MP: “I’d be a suicide bomber”

Jenny Tonge of the Liberal Democrat Party, told a House of Commons meeting the Palestinians engaged in terrorism because of the “everlasting humiliation” of Israeli occupation, the London Sun newspaper reported.

Yeah, right. Did you feel the same way about the British occupation of Palestine? Did you feel the same way about British occupation of other countries? Did you applaud when Hezbollah blew up 250 American Marines?

Jenny Tonge, I bet you wouldn’t give up a single cup of tea or a single crumpet to get off your high horse if it meant you could no longer pass judgement on the Jews.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that when the Palestine Problem was created by Britain in 1917, 70% of the land was British (first Ottomon) state land, the Arabs only owned a fifth of the total land, and the majority of that fifth was by wealthy landowners?

Did you know that during the thirty years of British occupation and rule, the Jews were able to purchase only 3.5% of the land of Palestine, in spite of the encouragement of the British Government? And that much of this land was transferred to Jews by the British Government directly, and was not sold by Arab owners?

Jenny Tonge, did you know that, considering the British owned just over 70% of the land, they could give it to anyone they wanted to, it certainly wasn’t stolen from the Arabs, that’s for sure. It’s pretty nervy of you to tell someone else what they should do with their own land. It’s also incredibly ethnocentric to claim that only a certain ethnic group has rights to own land, as is the claim by the Arabs.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that when British passed the Palestine Problem to the United Nations in 1947, Zionists owned 8.6% of the total land area of Palestine?

Jenny Tonge, did you know that it is Jordan that occupies the largest landmass of what was once considered Palestine? How “interesting” that there is no concern that the Hashemite king owns most of Palestine, but the Jews’ existence on a small strip is the basis for a continuous ethnic and religious war at the insistance of guess who.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that what the Arabs call “territorial expansion” before 1948 is known by the rest of the world as LEGAL PURCHASE OF LAND?

Jenny Tonge, did you know that after 1948, the land of Arabs who left the territory of Israel was assigned to an administrator of absentee lands, and under Israeli law the absentee Arabs could return and reclaim their land? Thousands of them did so (the figures I have seen are over 15,000). As to those absentee Arab land owners who refused to deal with Israel, their land was taken by eminent domain (called “compulsory purchase” in British law, or “expropriation” in European civil law), and they were paid fair market value plus interest. This is a story that for some reason has not received any publicity, an act of informational neglect that from the point of view of hasbara is positively criminal. This story should be told. Don’t take my word for any of this. Check it out with your Israeli sources. I believe that the Office of Administrator of Absentee Property still exists in Israel. Check it out, you elite bitch.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that Israel remained, ever since its inception, a total stranger in the emerging world of Afro-Asia; and that Israel has been refused admission to any inter-state conference of Asian, African, Afro-Asian, or Non-Aligned States ever held?

Jenny Tonge, did you know that you should insist on some resolutions condemning China’s brutal occupation of Tibet, or Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara, or Turkey’s occupation of Cyprus? What’s interesting is that none of these nations need the land they occupy. The same is not the case with Israel. Israel is not allowed to live on its own land, but these other countries are allowed to occupy that land because they want to. Nice.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that the overwhelming majority of Arabs left on their own two feet a) either because they were tricked into doing so by their own so-called brethren, or b) because they were encouraged to do so in order to facilitate the Arab armies creating a Judenrein Palestine? The evidence is over-whelming on this.

Jenny Tonge, did you ever question why are there still refugee camps in areas under the PA for the past, oh, 7 years? What about how the Jordanians and Egyptians kept the Palestinians in refugee camps, doesn’t that matter? Of course not, it only matters if Israel can get blamed somehow, otherwise, forget it.

Furthermore, the reason why Israel keeps a tight lid on the Palestinian territories is because they, “the Palestinians” stupidly won’t shut up about the fact that their ultimate goal is to destroy Israel at the first given opportunity.

Arabs want to continue to call for Israel’s destruction, of course, launched from the West Bank and Gaza, yet they refuse to understand why Israel keeps a tight grasp over them.

Jenny Tonge, did you know that you should tell the Arabs to shut the f*** up about destroying Israel, and instead, usher the Jew hating Arabs to launch a successful peace campaign, end their ethnocentric boycott, stop their calls for holy war, stop misappropriating Jewish holy sites, and then talk peace. Arab nations only want Israel to be weak so they can overwhelm her with their hostile hoards and you, Jenny Tonge, you and your stink are their accomplices.

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