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Japanese Expert: North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Died in 2003

Originally Posted: 07 Sep 2008 12:36 PM CDT

Via FoxNews:

A veteran Japanese expert on North Korea says the “dear leader” is actually dead — and his role is played by a double.

The expert says Kim died of diabetes in 2003 and world leaders, including Vladimir Putin of Russia and Hu Jintao of China, have been negotiating with an imposter.

He believes that Kim, fearing assassination, had groomed up to four look-alikes to act as substitutes at public events. One underwent plastic surgery to make his appearance more convincing. Now, the expert claims, the actors are brought on stage whenever required to persuade the masses that Kim is alive.

The author has been derided by rival analysts of the hermetic communist state. Yet so few facts are known about North Korea’s ruling dynasty that some of the strange things reported in Professor Toshimitsu Shigemura’s bestselling book cannot be readily explained.

Some facts about North Korea:

– there is a human rights problem in North Korea;
– over 200,000 people are imprisoned in North Korea’s vast gulag;
– punishment against entire families (multigenerational) is used to respond to real or suspected political dissent;
– imprisoned women are often forced to abort fetuses and prisoners are routinely executed in public, often in the presence of children;
– access to services such as health care, education and even food assistance are allocated according to social stratification, a system which is based on the family’s loyalty to the regime;
– pluralism and civil society are nonexistent;
– freedoms of religion and press do not exist.
– it is an act of treason to leave the country without state permission and if caught, a person can face detention, torture or even execution.

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