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It’s here

The muslim scumbag has arrived. I knew it. I could tell because the city has been overwrought with a foul stench, like the smell of rat feces mixed in with chick pea and cumin. It wreaks here. The sky has darkened and birds are falling from the air. Flies are swarming around plants. Maggots are swimming in their own exudate. Helicopters are circling overhead. My television has lost its signal. The greatest infectious disease since Hitler blew his brains out has come to fester in NY. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has just made his entrance into New York City. Where is Mark David Chapman when you need him?
For a thorough insight into the sick mind of the unloved Ahmadinejad, via the science of Chirology, whose own mother wouldn’t even love him, click here.

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