It’s Always Israel’s Fault

From It’s Always Israel’s Fault:

The concept of land for peace has long been the reigning sentiment fuelling the push for consensus in the Middle East. Too bad it’s a myth. Israel retreats and the Arabs smell weakness, ululating in joy as they dream of the eradication of the Jewish state. By now, the Palestinians should have been well on their way to statehood. It’s been more than a year since Israel uprooted thousands of Jewish settlers and pulled out of Gaza. But when you elect terrorists whose priorities include murdering Israelis and kidnapping Westerners for kicks, it’s hard to build a state, never mind lure tourist dollars. Israelis live in hope that one day Palestinians will choose reconciliation and peacemaking over terror and hatred. Ordinary Palestinians, however, continue to embrace murderous pursuits, as exemplified by the recent decision of a 64-year-old grandmother to blow herself up near Israeli troops. If “innocent” Palestinians want peace, they should stop forming human shields to protect terrorists and destroy the rockets in their backyards instead.

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